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Here at Jenkins Freshpac, we’re a little bit proud of the strides we have made to develop a range of sustainable packaging solutions that meet the needs of our customers as well as the end consumer. We recognise that there is still more to do as we continue our journey to build a range that is 100% sustainable, eco-friendly and kind to our environment. So, follow our journey as we work towards our goal of 100% sustainable packaging.

Where is the industry now and where is it going?

Insights from Jamie Lunam, General Manager

I unashamedly promote myself as an agribusiness ambassador. This comes with its challenges when people assume that I must also be a fan of abusing our natural resources to extract maximum revenue. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Sustainable Packaging Industry Update

We focus on adding value, with pioneering technology, world-class products and service solutions only available through Jenkins Freshpac Systems. Check out our latest industry update.

What You'll Find In this Update

  • Where is the industry now?
  • Key watershed moments
  • Case studies
  • Market research and trends
  • Certification clarification
  • Enviro Pac™ range

Case Studies

When you work with Jenkins, you work with a company whose reputation is built upon a long and proud heritage. We are known for consistently pushing the bar to deliver beyond expectations. Below are a few case studies with examples of this in action.

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