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Fresh News December 2017

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GM Opinion: Will the lights actually go out?

In the 48 hours prior to writing this article I have had three extremely interesting conversations with large players in produce packing, all of them looking to us to help clarify what the packhouse of the future looks like. I think we all accept that the status quo is not an option, but will the lights actually ever go out in the packhouse on the back of full automation? I have decided to make the call and say yes. Yes indeed we will turn the lights out in the packhouse and it may be sooner rather than more


How to encourage repeat purchasing

It is my favourite time of year when summerfruit starts hitting the retail shelves again.  Cherries are out and so are the early nectarines.  What a treat. The annual Nielsen survey of the summerfruit consumers confirm that fruit quality and flavour remain the key drivers of consumer purchase behaviour. 

We recently assisted MG Marketing in re-launching their summerfruit Pure range with a new series. The end result of this relaunch is that consumers will be able to find their produce more easily, which helps to better encourage repeat more


What packaging looks like in today’s healthy landscape

This is a vital moment in the packaging world, with health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers shaping the packaging landscape. As consumers shift to healthier lifestyles and seek out healthier and more sustainable products, they are also demanding more eco-friendly packaging. Consumers want to feel good about the companies they purchase from. Showing consumers you care about the environment via your packaging is an excellent way to influence them to more


What makes the consumer choose your product?

What makes you choose a product over its competitor? In a world where too many choices make consumers walk away, making your product stand out and seem like the go-to choice is critical.

Product packaging appeals to the human senses, evoking pleasant memories and positive feelings that customers unconsciously link to a product.  Packaging is about making your product visibly desirable, to guide buyers, to entice them, to give them a sneak-peek into what they’re getting if they buy it. In fact, it should be so desirable that it would be impossible for customers not to buy it. So what are the thought processes behind it and how can you use them to your advantage? more


Labour, labour and Automation

The new Labour government’s announcement that they are targeting a $20p/h minimum wage by 2021 has been met with a tidal wave of feedback, opinion and conjecture. On one side of the coin you have those championing the need for a “living wage” and fairer compensation for hard work and, on the other, those that bemoan the inevitable escalation of flow on effects and business expenses. But one thing it has certainly accelerated among packhouse management is the concern over wage expenses and the need for increased automation.

One customer told me recently that, as of April 1st 2018, their wage bill is set to increase by over $3k PER more


Jenkins Freshpac Systems we will be closed from midday on the 22nd of December to the 8th of January. A skeleton staff will be available for calls during this time.