Jun 11, 2019

Seal The Deal: Tray & Heat Sealers Make Bringing Fresh Produce To Market, Easier

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If you’ve been following the team’s updates recently, chances are you might have heard us harping on a bit about tray and heat sealers. I’d apologise but...it’s pretty exciting stuff. We’re finding consumers and producers these days are increasingly searching for environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging solutions. In turn, this is driving some remarkably smart innovations in the areas of tray and heat sealing. As Ann discussed in her recent post, our continued partnership with Proseal means we’re finally able to bring some of these exciting new developments to New Zealand shores and store shelves. It’s safe to say we’re pretty psyched about it. With this new sustainable, heat-sealed packaging hitting store shelves throughout the North Island, the days of the trusty clamshell punnet may be numbered. I know, we’ll be sad to see them go, too! But it’s also a sign that we’re on the precipice of transitioning to a far more versatile, sustainable packaging solution that ticks all the boxes. Picking up where Ann left off, I wanted to share a few of the reasons why these innovations have me excited, and why you should be too...


Our partnership with Proseal continues to open up exciting new opportunities, in no small part thanks to their wide range of solutions covering a number of specialities including fresh produce, ready made meals, and other assorted foodstuffs. You name it, Proseal’s Tray and Heat Sealers can probably wrap, seal, or lid it. Combine this with our custom made punnets and trays to suit the product you’re bringing to market, and you can rest assured your produce will be receiving the VIP packaging treatment. Tray punnets like these are protected with a heated film seal which is pre-printed with your branding, so they protect and beautifully display your produce. It might be a little shallow to judge a book by it’s cover, but then...consumers can be awfully shallow at times. We’re visual purchasers, after all! If they see something that looks aesthetically pleasing and is going to fit their needs, it’s going to end up in their basket or trolley. In fact, a whopping 50 percent of shoppers buy value-added produce with at least some regularity. Practically speaking, tray sealed punnets stack perfectly for both display and transportation. As they’re more compact than clamshell packaging, they also make for efficient stacking and space optimisation.


You could say that horticulture is where our heart is. It’s cheesy, but it’s true! That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the application of heat sealing in the ready-made and pre-packaged food sector. It’s a sideways broadening of our scope, but it’s also an exciting opportunity for specialised producers. The demand for ready meals and processed foods has increased exponentially over the years. Let’s be honest, cooking is a bit of a chore at the best of times. Especially with consumers working longer hours. I can’t deny that a ready meal has been my saving grace at least once or twice. In fact, 57 percent of New Zealanders ranked convenience as their top priority when it comes to food, and the quest for convenience is only going to increase. Heat sealing extends the shelf life of ready meals and preserved foods, ensuring food products stay fresher for longer. Whether your ready meals or preserved foods are being sold directly to the customer or through another channel, ensuring your product gets to customers in great condition is essential. As is the presentation. Watch this space.


The signs that we’re moving towards a more sustainable future are rather literal these days. You’ve likely already seen them at your local supermarket. “Have you remembered your reusable bags?”. Removing single-use plastic bags is the first step towards this future, but what about the rest of the food industry? Plastic still plays a major role in packaging, whether that’s in supermarkets, produce stores, or export. Here at Jenkins we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of change within the industry, so we’re especially proud to be able to lead the charge here in creating a more sustainable future through environmentally friendly packaging. Take the tray seal punnets we discussed earlier, for example. With no ‘lid’ required, they use around 40 percent less raw materials in the packaging than tradition PET clamshell punnets. And while trays are still available in plastic, these are also available in cardboard and Enviro Pac compostable variations which offer 95 percent less plastic by weight than clamshells. Every step counts, even if they’re baby steps.


We’ll keep taking those steps, too, doing what we do best in supporting producers with leading tray and heat sealing solutions that offer longer lasting produce, safer packaging with tamper evidence, and easily stackable trays. All so that bringing fresh produce to market is that much easier!

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