Punnets and Trays

We provide a range of eye-catching produce containers including clamshell packaging, punnets, and trays that stand out from the crowd while keeping your produce fresh!

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When designing packaging you want to not only create a fantastic product, but also create something unique to display your fresh produce in.

At Jenkins Freshpac we supply the base containers, punnets, or trays, as well as film and heat sealing machines to facilitate a smooth switch to this popular pack format.

It is easy to create an eye catching pack with colourful custom shaped trays and pre-printed branded film. The options for different tray materials include plastic, board, and Enviro Pac® compostable trays.

Film sealed punnets are advantageous for the marketing and distribution of your fresh produce.

Reason 1: We're drawn to what looks good. Brand building & recognition

By design, humans are drawn to what looks good. As we hurriedly pace the supermarket aisles, a product only has a two second window to grab our attention. Product differentiation is essential for a brand looking to break into the market. That’s why your product needs to stand out on the shelves.

Reason 2: Environmentally Favourable

Environmental impact reduction: no lid is required on the punnet, meaning approx 40% less raw material is used in the packaging.

Reason 3: Highest product safety & tamper evidence

Your brand needs to see beyond in-store shelf appeal and look at protection & storage.

Reason 4: Perfect stacking at point of sale

Reason 5: Optimisation of distribution & logistics

Film sealed packs use less packaging than clam shell packs and are more space efficient for stacking and transportation resulting in cost savings.

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Contact Ann Cameron

Contact our friendly team today and let us give you the leading edge.