Dec 11, 2017

What packaging looks like in today's healthy landscape

What packaging looks like in today’s healthy landscape

This is a vital moment in the packaging world, with health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers shaping the packaging landscape. As consumers shift to healthier lifestyles and seek out healthier and more sustainable products, they is and increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging. Consumers want to feel good about the companies they purchase from. Showing consumers you care about the environment via your packaging is an excellent way to influence them to buy.

At the recent PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, we had the opportunity to browse the latest in sustainable packaging solutions. Here are our two favourites:

Top of the list is CKF’s Earthcycle™ brand of punnets. Until now, peel and reseal top lidding film has been limited to plastic punnets, but no longer is this the case. CFK have launched a first-in-market product for a peel and reseal lidding film for non-laminated pulp packaging. According to CKF, “an Earthcycle™ punet with a peel and reseal lidding film uses 90% less plastic than a comparable plastic clamshell which means a reduction in waste to landfill and an increased use of renewable resources”.

The next product we liked was by Sambrailo Packaging, a company based out of Santa Cruise in California that helps organic growers promote organic. They have a single source line of environmentally friendly clamshells that are fully recyclable, printable both inside and out, and versatile, coming in various shapes and sizes. For most existing plastic clamshells, the adhesives used to apply the paper labels are problematic for recyclers. These ReadyCycle inks avoid that issue by printing directly on the carton with water-soluble inks.

For more information on the current landscape or to investigate packaging solutions, contact us here.

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