Feb 26, 2018

Our Partners: We Don't Go It Alone

Delivering awesome products has a lot to do with partnerships. Here is a quick look at a few of our long-standing partners, and an intro into who they are and what they do.

When you work with Jenkins Freshpac Systems, you work with a company with a proud tradition of innovation spanning over 134 years that has been known for consistently pushing the bar to provide innovative end-to-end packaging solutions for New Zealand’s Fresh Produce Industry. To find these products and solutions, our team moves around the globe to be at the front edge of technology and packaging developments. When we find products that stand out from the crowd we make it our goal to introduce them to New Zealand.


Founded in the late 80’s as a company that specialised in producing flexible packaging in net and film that can run in Sorma and other brands of equipment. The whole process is carried out on site from the graphic design, printing plates, and processing of raw materials, to printing and lamination. Netpack’s goal is to provide eye catching packaging which can add value to the product.


For more than 70 years Infia have been providing innovative packaging to the world. Infia headquarters are in Italy (Bertinoro) on a site of 135,000 square meters with three commercial branches in Spain, UK and Greece.

Infia has an organised sales network over the five continents and consolidated partnerships worldwide. This is what makes them the leading plastic packaging producer in Europe and one of the leading producers in this sector worldwide. Infia was the first company to introduce new materials such as PET and then introduce a track-and-trace programme for its punnets. Respect for the environment and reduction of food waste are founding values of the company’s mission. The new patented side ventilation system utilised in its punnets allows produce to keep fresh longer and reduces waste, while the internal decontamination process of RPET considerably limits impact in terms of CO2 emissions. See Infia's buckets to the right.

Smilesys Resealable Systems

Since 2013, JFS has had the pleasure of working with Smilesys. This company is a market leader in the development and production of re-closable systems for innovative packaging solutions for food, industrial and chemical goods. By applying special self-adhesive labels, Smilesys adds a high value to the produced films. The key to Smilesys success is their continuous commitment and constant investment in research, development and new technologies. When JFS are working on resealable projects Smilesys are there every step of the way assisting with design, production, and quality control, right through to delivery.

The Smilesys system is suitable on widely used industrial packaging machines. Therefore, it can be used to produce bags from vertical packaging machines, flowpack machines and for any type of tray, preformed or molded. The types and compositions of films suitable for the label’s application are varied, from simple mono-film to laminated ones.


Like JFS, CKF Inc. is a family owned company which was formed by Canadian R. A Jodrey in 1933. When looking to increase our environmental packaging offering it made sense for us to connect with Shannon Boase who introduced the Earthcycle™ range to CKF. The Earthcycle™range of moulded pulp packaging (see right) is made from a blend of hardwood (NBHK) and recycled corrugate, which is called Double Lined Kraft (DLK).

Wood and wood pulp are only purchased from suppliers who meet the following criteria which is monitored through FSC Chain of Custody Standards. All of CKF’s suppliers are committed to sustainability and community development and have the certifications and policies to back up their actions.

Some of the reasons we’re excited about this product range:

  • Wood is not illegally sourced
  • Wood does not come from HCV forests
  • Wood is not obtained from GMO sources
  • Wood is not from conflict zones

NNZ – the packaging network

NNZ are one of our newest partners, and are a Family owned private company. Their story began in 1922 with the trading of jute bags, and has steadily grown to include: paper packaging, net packaging, film packaging, trays and cups, and cardboard packaging. NNZ pride themselves on their global expertise with operations in 13 countries and clients in more than 50 countries. Their mission statement ‘inspired to create packaging solutions for your success’ is forefront of everything that they do today. We are very excited about their expansive range of packaging that is suitable for many equipment types, and are looking forward to increasing our knowledge of their products in September when we host Jacques Coetzee’s.

This post was written by

Ann Cameron

Ann is the Sales Manager for consumables. She gets a kick out of helping her customers implement the right packaging options for their products because it can make a real difference to their business.