Mar 20, 2018


The Te Mata Mushroom Company becomes one of the first produce companies to use new, Enviro Pac water-resistant packaging made from renewable compostable material.

Following successful trials in Hawke’s Bay New World supermarkets, The Te Mata

Mushroom Company has introduced new Enviro Pac compostable packaging for all tray-based prepacks nationwide.

Prompted by a conversation with the Foodstuffs New Zealand Sustainability Manager at the Foodstuffs Fresh Tradeshow in 2013, our team began searching for compostable packaging that wouldn’t increase prices significantly.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems came to the party with a product that helped us achieve our goals. They introduced us to Enviro Pac sustainable packaging, comprised of ethically sourced palm fibre – a by-product of the palm oil trade - which has been assessed and accepted by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

What makes these trays stand out is their ability to be completely broken down within 90 days – which means the trays can be used in backyard composting systems. This is a safe, proven and sustainable choice that helps us meet the Foodstuffs goal of having all packaging for fresh produce 100% recyclable at kerbside for their customers.

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