Dec 15, 2021

A year of restrictive freedoms, there is a lot of noise out there, time for a break I reckon, time to calm the farm, time to look back, look forward, time to look whatever direction you want to, it’s your move and it’s your time.

Thank you for being part of our business 2021. Our goal is to make labelling easy for you, one less thing to worry about in your day. I hope we have achieved this for you and your business. In addition to delivering labelling programmes, installing a few new machines, and creating many new labels designs we have spent a decent chunk of this year of invested in the big C - compostable, home compostable. We have a fully certified home compostable label today, but we know you need a better product and so that’s top of the list as we head into 2022.

Very excited about our new state of art label press coming in 2022 and while it may not hit the front of the new season it will certainly turbo boost the remainder. We are seeing incredible new fruit innovation coming from the Hort industry which is exciting and speaks to how innovative and adaptable we are as a nation. There are literally new varieties coming through all the time and across all fruit categories. New varieties need a voice, they need a brand to stand out in the marketplace. Our new press is designed for quicker product change times, will run faster, and increase capacity to meet your changing market needs.

But hey, all this can wait, its your time. Thanks, from all the team at Sinclair and Jenkins Freshpac and we wish you and your families a very merry Christmas. All the very best for 2022.

This post was written by

Tom McLaughlin

Tom has always had an affinity for New Zealand’s primary industries and a passion for business, and is charged with delivering the Sinclair fruit labelling program at Jenkins.