Sept 06, 2019

You Are All Individuals

Brian screams it perfectly in Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’.

Unique code – every label has its own unique number, code or barcode. This can be a number or perhaps a QR code. Many use this label option for promotional purposes in a “Peel and Reveal” format. The front label graphic advises the consumer to peel the label off, turnover and reveal a unique code. This code is then entered into a website database:

This style of consumer engagement has 2 benefits – it encourages consumers to visit your website or to a specific part of your website you may wish to promote, a new variety for example. Asking customers to enter a competition code is also a simple and low cost method to create your own consumer database. Creating this database offers a great way to connect with consumers in future. Running promotions is the primary use of unique code fruit labels today but some are now looking to use unique code for traceability and brand authenticity benefits - to protect their brand and build trust with customers. All unique codes entered or scanned are monitored by your database provider and this allows you to see all the action going on in market – who is scanning, when, where, volume. A great way to demonstrate to your customers you care about the brand, it can be trusted and it is authentic.

This post was written by

Tom McLaughlin

Tom has always had an affinity for New Zealand’s primary industries and a passion for business, and is charged with delivering the Sinclair fruit labelling program at Jenkins.