Oct 21, 2021

What's in your Bin?

Where did September and October go since we last wrote our Fresh News articles? It’s been a busy time, head down and into it with problem solving and solution finding for our industry. Momentum is well in motion with our linerless label solutions. How progressive the industry has been to be adopting this new technology. A couple of years ago it was an unknown and emerging sustainable technology and was very much in the “wait and see” category. Fast forward to today and now it’s a simple no brainer and easy win in the drive to become more sustainable. Why wouldn’t you use linerless labelling for those millions of white carton and tray labels that get used all over the country each year?

I accept there is a capital expense (or Opex cost if you’re leasing), the major wins in labour savings are when you convert a mid-size operation from batch-mode printing to inline printing. There is nothing more rewarding than whilst working on one area of a business for a solution, the by-product of that solution solves another one. Any labour units that can be saved is a great outcome on so many levels.

We are very lucky to be a small enough country to have only a handful of software providers who are really invested in the horticulture space, usually the relationship with the site is so involved that when the IT people and the operational people put their heads together the result is something truly impressive. I am very fortunate to work with these industry partners and witness some great outcomes.

It’s also really refreshing to be dealing with decision makers working on new projects, who are genuinely enthusiastic and want to make decisions based on the most sustainable option. The linerless carton end labelling option is an easy one to tick off. A simple and honest solution. A no waste product, hardware in-stock, proven brands with Sato printers & Sato labels all brought to you from your industry specialists at Jenkins Freshpac and backed up by the Jenkins service technicians who are already part of the packhouse furniture.

Linerless label image

If you want to find out more and become part of the linerless labelling revolution, give me a call.

This post was written by

Jo Mackie

Jo has a solid Sales and Operational background and is the Account Manager for Tags & Labels at Jenkins Freshpac Systems. Whatever her customers need, she’ll make it happen.