Dec 11, 2017

What makes the consumer choose your product?

What makes you choose a product over its competitor? In a world where too many choices make consumers walk away, making your product stand out and seem like the go-to choice is critical.

Product packaging appeals to the human senses, evoking pleasant memories and positive feelings that customers unconsciously link to a product. Packaging is about making your product visibly desirable, to guide buyers, to entice them, to give them a sneak-peek into what they’re getting if they buy it. Packaging is one of the factors contributing to a desirable product. So what’s the psychology behind it and how can you use it to your advantage?

When you walk in the supermarket, have you ever noticed grey snacks packaging? This is very uncommon, snacks come in bright coloured packaging so they are noticable and eyecatching. Colours send messages to our brain and affect the way we perceive products. Research shows that customers get certain expectations of a product simply because of the colour of its package. For example, green evokes perceptions of environmental, natural or organic; blue logos evoke confidence, purple evokes glamour and yellow evokes fun.

Keeping brand colours consistent can eventually turn iconic. Some of the biggest brands around the world are recognizable even without reading the product name.

Labelling and packaging can make or break your brand image. Your product label or tag can make it look expensive or cheap, high-end or fast food, professional or amateur, healthy or unhealthy… you get the point.

Think of a label as the face of your product. It must project what you want consumers to think of it. When ordering label printing, consider the colours, design, logo placement and how attractive they look. Remember that once put on the shelves, your product will have to compete with other brands to get noticed.

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