Apr 30, 2018

The Rewards of Hard Work

We’re super proud of our Production Manager Ross Craig’s latest success. He’s just taken out the Student of the Year Award at the Print NZ Training graduation.

Well deserved.

Ross started with us in 2000 as an apprentice printer. Right from the get-go, he showed strong technical competence. Ross quickly became one of our most flexible and productive printers, using a range of technologies within the demanding food and beverage label field.

In 2013 Ross made the move to Tauranga and provided essential technical support as we established the new Jenkins Freshpac Systems plant here.

Ross has a great work ethic and will always go the extra mile, so we’re not surprised he won this award. Ross is always working to expand his skills in areas within the business such as food safety, lean manufacturing, and most recently, health and safety. His leadership skills are improving daily and he is fast becoming an exceptional manager.

Here at Jenkins, we invest heavily in print industry training with a current ratio of 50% apprentice printers in our plant. Seeing the likes of Ross achieve recognition at a national level encourages his peers to aspire to achieve further milestones in their own personal development. It also gives us heart to support further training as a committed employer. Ross is growing into an excellent leader and it is through Jenkins partnering with the likes of Competenz and Print NZ that he has had the opportunity to do so.

Ross's award adds to our growing trophy cabinet:

2018 - Ross Craig, Student of the Year

2018 - Jenkins Freshpac Systems, Finalist, Print Training Company of the Year

2017 - Ngatokoa KaoKao, Finalist, Apprentice of the Year.

2017 - Jenkins Freshpac Systems, Finalist, Print Training Company of the Year

Prior to 2017 - Bob Freeland, Finalist, Print Management Diploma and Donald Frew, Finalist, Apprentice of the Year

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