Apr 26, 2018

The Quiet in the Workshop is deafening

The kiwifruit and apple seasons are in respective “full swing” and, as a result, our workshop has been decidedly empty… which is just the way it’s supposed to be is.

As tumbleweeds bounce across deserted workshop floor at our Tauranga branch, not to mention our regional depots in the Hawkes Bay and Nelson, I’m reminded of how crazy “the season” is for our amazing team of technicians. The silence at our Jenkins locations this time of year belies the manic nature of those we continue to serve. When things are “all on”, the concrete floors of Jenkins are cold and the engines are running hot.

Rotating “on call” weekends with an attempt at rest and respite. Attending call-outs (far and wide) in the wee hours of the night and then travelling from one end of a region to another. All the while trying to retain a good humour, a professional attitude and do the best job they can.

Our Sorma automatic pallet strappers may ensure that over 80% of all New Zealand’s export apple and kiwifruit pallets are strapped consistently and timely, but they are nothing without the team that ensures their smooth operation and to “keep things ticking”.

So, this month, I’d like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to our Jenkins “boys in blue” (and Hi-Viz yellow). We all appreciate the hours they pull, the frustrations they are fronted with and the bleary eyes they smile through when you bump into them on the rare occasion they make it into the staff room for a coffee.

Cheers guys, you’re the reason business here at Jenkins is booming.

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