Oct 21, 2021

Technology and our Industry

I was fortunate enough to be able to get out and about last week and managed to get to the Hawkes Bay to see a couple of clients and discuss some of our automation solution options for their packhouse. It is a conversation that is happening with almost every client in some way, shape or form and in a large part driven by the impact that border restrictions are having with labour availability.

Across many sites there is a lot of work going on upgrading equipment and increasing capacity and looking at options that can fill the void of the current the labour shortage and increased crop volumes forecasted over the next few years. Implementing technology into business operations is really starting to look appealing.

Technology is one tool that can be implemented to assist in future proofing your operation and for many, it’s a long game with a myriad of things to consider and an understanding of what the vision and end goal is. Amongst the things to consider are, when is the technology needed to be installed, how will it integrate into upstream and downstream existing equipment, what is the lead-time required to build, install, and commission the technology and how does this fit into my capex budget? When it all comes together it will help drive packhouses efficiency, reducing reliance on scarce labour resources and can also lead to reduction in OHS risks.

Rising costs are at the fore front of peoples mind with last week’s announcement of inflation hitting 4.9%. Technology is going to become even more important to the industry to increase mechanised handling of product to help curb the rising cost of production.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems remains committed to providing our customers with our specialist products for key areas of your packhouse. Beit upgrading to a conveyed strapping line, the installation of Aporo Apple packers or prepacking weighers and bagging lines, we are here to help.

This post was written by

Brendan Macpherson