May 20, 2020

Sustainability versus Safety?

Sustainability versus Safety?

Wow May the 4th and what an introduction to the start of my career with Jenkins Freshpac. Onboarded and inducted under level 3 and then a series of meet and great video meetings to get to know my new team. All very surreal and is now part of what seems to be the new normal in terms of how we can interact and still stay safe in our bubbles. I know for sure that this will be a start to a new job that I will never forget.

When we came back to work at the start of 2020 who could have predicted that in a few short months we would all be living in lockdown with our borders effectively shut. Terms like “social distancing” “level 4”, “flattening the curve” and Covid-19 weren’t in our vocabularies and we were looking forward to a year full of promise and opportunities.

As a country we have now all been through the level 4 lockdown in our efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19. We can all be proud individually and collectively as a country that at the time of writing, we appear to have come through relatively unscathed compared to many other countries.

Anecdotally Covid-19 has seen an increase in the number of consumers concerned about food safety and their reluctance to purchase fruit and produce sold individually. Concerns about multiple human handling throughout the supply chain and in store may lead to a resurgence of demand for pre-packed product as opposed to loose pick and pack yourself.

Pre Covid-19 we were all talking about sustainability and how we can deliver more sustainable fruit, vegetable, and produce packaging solutions and whilst this is still very much topical it remains to be seen if it takes a back seat to meeting consumer food safety concerns.

Our team here at Jenkins Freshpac can talk you through our range of options and solutions that deliver pack formats to give the end consumer peace of mind around not only food safety but also sustainability.

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