Sept 06, 2019

Spring is Here

Spring is here – the best thing about the year going so fast is that soon we’ll be back into the warm weather, lighter clothes, and a sense of happiness as another summer rolls in.

Our topic this month is all about solving problems and I think we nailed that one in my category recently with the release of the Jenkins Elastibuncher. The unveiling at the recent Hort NZ event at Mystery Creek kept me busy bunching my heart out demonstrating to the many growers and interested people that came by our welcoming stand.

The end goal of getting something new to market is really only ever the actual beginning and while I write this latest newsletter the Freshtec team are working on some changes to make our buncher more efficient before our first orders are despatched. The best part of this exercise is problem solving, working with you, our customers and providing a solution to create efficiencies in your business. We know we are all looking for the next big or best thing, working together we will eventually achieve this.

What else is happening in my labels and tags world? There is plenty. We have made real headway on getting our linerless labels approved and tested throughout the supply chain. The labels have performed well in both application and cool storage. My work is only just beginning with this as we start the job of converting printers to this new technology. The elusive magic paper that we all want to wrap around our produce to tell our story is still eluding me, the realities of wet produce, transportation, cool storage and clarity of print for barcode scanning is challenging to achieve the one-stop fix all solution.

Some of our team have been fortunate enough to visit Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong recently. There are tons of innovation and great ideas, reassuring to know I guess that no-one else has got the magic answer but we’re all searching the world to come up with it.

Travel safe people, I will talk about my time in Hong Kong next issue.

This post was written by

Jo Mackie

Jo has a solid Sales and Operational background and is the Account Manager for Tags & Labels at Jenkins Freshpac Systems. Whatever her customers need, she’ll make it happen.