Feb 17, 2021

Solutions not Equipment

Over the last twelve months, since taking up my role of equipment and automation sales with Jenkins Freshpac Systems, the time has flown by.

One thing that I really enjoy in this role is coming up with solutions and ideas that add real tangible benefits and value to our client’s operations.

When considering prepacking machines or automation solutions, there are many factors to consider. Typically, the first two things that are considered are the cost of equipment and the speed it operates at.

However, there are many other things to consider and factors that can, and do have a greater influence on the efficiency, productivity, and overall return on investment.

As an example, consider the specification requirements that go into designing a bagging/prepacking line that actual delivers what the nature of the client’s business requires.

  • is there a variety of different pack sizes and pack type changes per day?
  • are the pack type runs large or small?
  • are there any physical environment constraints that need to be factored in e.g. space, access, power, upstream and downstream conveying

A customer who has multiple pack sizes and pack changes during a shift, will benefit from a line designed to provide quick change over between pack sizes and formats. This increases the up time of the machinery and increases the average packs per hour, rather than simply providing a machine that has a high packs per minute speed. This offers a more cost-effective outcome even if the upfront cost of the machinery investment is slightly higher. This is because there will be a significant reduction in the overall packing hours and labour costs to run the line resulting from understanding the customer needs and designing solutions that meets those needs.

On the flip side, an operation that is prepacking only one pack type, day in and day out, would require a different line designed to suit this purpose and would receive more benefit from a solution with high packs per minute speed.

Obtaining better results with your automation or prepacking lines may be as simple as asking the right questions, listening, and looking at the needs with fresh eyes to achieve better labour utilisation, greater productivity, and best return on investment.

We offer automation solutions tailored to individual needs and not just equipment.

This post was written by

Brendan Macpherson