May 20, 2020

Shiny New Things

Shiny New Things

We all love getting new things right? The short lived spring in your step until the endorphins leave your body and then you are back where you started, except poorer. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is a new washing machine or a new house, those good feels, big or small, will relent and give way to hum-drum life as normal at some point.

I had a retrospectively amusing circumstance I thought I would share that saw the spring in my step leave with rapid ferocity recently. New car day is always an exciting time, whether it is a workhorse or exec level car, that new smell, the feeling of knowing your model is the most ‘current’ etc. I tend to have SUV type vehicles for various reasons and after my boss considered the options available we landed and the order was placed - now all I had to do was wait. While waiting for my shiny new car day to arrive, three things happened that stole away my enthusiasm and I lost a moment I will never get back.

1) GM announced the abandoning of right hand drive vehicles and closing down the Holden brand, obsoleting my new car before I even got it

2) This announcement slammed the brakes on Holden NZ completing registrations, so new car day got bumped indefinitely until they started issuing new registrations again

3) After receiving my obsolete car two weeks late, COVID-19 turned up and I haven’t been able to drive it anywhere

As we all start to head toward returning to normal it got me thinking about this amusing first world problem I encountered and how important it is that we make sure that feeling you get from making brave new decisions hangs around for as long as possible, and doesn’t get stolen off you by an unfortunate sequence of events!

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