Oct 18, 2022

Ready or not here I come!

I’m sure many of us can recall from our childhood, playing the game ”ready or not here I come” or variations of it? I’m old, and so for me it was someone chosen to stand with their hands covering their eyes, whilst the rest found a suitable hiding place, then that person would try to find where everyone was hiding.

At times, the lead up to each new season can often feel like that game we played as children, where we feel somewhat blindfolded, apprehensive, and unsure of what lies ahead, what’s hiding where and how do we ensure that we turn over every rock as we seek out the prize.

Whilst we all endeavour to anticipate the season ahead through a mixture of good strategic planning as well as leaning heavily on learnings from prior seasons, we still operate in a volatile and unpredictable industry. Already in the lead up to this new season, we have seen flooding, hail and a spring frost, confirming what mother nature can throw at us, just when we need it least.

For us here at Jenkins, pre-season is all about strategic review of the previous season, what did we get right, what could we have done better and how do we make incremental improvements so that the level of service and quality we provide meets your needs.

As I write this blog, our production team are busy building stocks of Sinclair fruit labels, so we enough stock to meet the start of season flush of fruit. At the same time the JFS sales team are ensuring all our key imported packaging is forecasted, ordered and locked in to ship and arrive in time for the season start. Our technical team are busy servicing and overhauling equipment, so it is in perfect working order and creating a calendar for re-installing label applicators before the start of the season.

No doubt just like your business, it takes a team to make a successful season happen and whilst we don’t claim to be prefect, we do hope that the efforts our team go to in planning for the season ahead, at least in some small part make your season planning a little easier knowing we have your backs.

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