Oct 21, 2021

Peacocks and Ostriches

When it comes to solving problems some people are built for it, even thrive on it, and some run for the hills or busy themselves with other more easily solved challenges. There are lots of different drivers to our fight or flight response mechanism and I have to admit that I don’t always grab up my challenges at the right time.

But one thing my 42 years on the planet has taught me, is that front footing generally garners a better outcome – so why don’t we always front foot challenges that are presented to us?

Depending on the circumstances, some of these scenarios may sound familiar to you:

  • I am not sure what to do so I will wait and see what others do
  • It is what it is and we need to accept where the cards lie
  • I’m too busy for this sh!t
  • I will just clear my inbox and then get onto it (self-perpetuating cycle)

It doesn’t really matter whether the situation is a sticky HR challenge, an aging plant that needs replacement, a wayward teen that needs some tough love or your market pushing you to shift to a more sustainable model, being a peacock will generally end better than being an ostrich.

My natural instinct is flight rather than fight and so I personally have had to work very hard to combat this and so pull on all the different versions of myself required to get in front of a challenge rather than accept the outcome that befalls me without any intervention.

There is:

  • Just make the phone call Jamie
  • Just get in the car and go over there Jamie
  • Just book the flight and sort it out Jamie

Now, since I love to contradict myself, there is also another version of me that needs to come out some times because there is a balance between front footing a challenge and acting in the heat of the moment. This one is called ‘go home and mow the lawns first Jamie’. A moment of pause and clarity can make all the difference and is not necessarily just kicking the can down the road.

Be a peacock.

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