Sept 01, 2017

Packhouse Automation: Partners going the distance

Italian automation pioneers Sorma have a strong history of helping Kiwi packhouses automate and gain operational efficiencies alongside their key partners Jenkins Freshpac Systems. This partnership has lasted well over 20 years and is set to progress as the demand for automation, including palletisation, pallet strapping, pre-packing and preparing produce for both domestic and export markets, continues to ramp up. The growing appetite for automation in New Zealand is to reduce the need to rely on seasonal staff in crucial parts of the packhouse and critical times of the season. “Everywhere we go the number one pain point for our customers is human resources. Finding, training, retaining and getting them to turn up are the biggest causes of grey hair for my customers” says Royce Sharplin, Sales Manager for equipment at Jenkins Freshpac.

Jenkins and Sorma installations across the country number into the hundreds and they have a hand in touching over 80% of palletised product that come out of the main packhouses in the country. Plate palletisation is a clear specialty of Sorma and can help automate operations in a typically labour–hungry part of the packing process – check out this video to gain an understanding of a cost effective, robust and reliable palletising solution.

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