Mar 08, 2021

New Normal, Pivot, Working from Home

Amongst the many words that have slipped into our everyday vocabulary, due to the spread of the global Covid pandemic and as a result we are seeing international consumer shopping habits pivoting into a new normal.

Two main trends have emerged. Firstly, an increasing interest in the snacking category, especially those that can offer health and nutritional benefits. Last year on the back of more of us operating a “working from home” model, saw increases globally in consumer demand for healthy convenience snacks.

This consumer focus on health and nutritional benefits is expanding and stretching out beyond the snack category into mainstream grocery shopping and now is more prevalent than ever. Consumers are seeking more nutritious immune boosting foods from their supermarket provider. The underlying inherent nutritional benefits of fresh produce puts our industry in a great position to be able to deliver what the consumers are demanding and gives us an edge over other industries competing for share of the consumer wallet.

The other trend that has emerged over the past year, is the growth in online shopping due to Covid lockdowns. A significant number of consumers are sticking with this online grocery shopping habit having discovered the ease and benefits. To maximise the opportunities that this trend presents, companies need to continue to innovate and adapt their offering to ensure they are positioned to grow with this trend. We can provide advice on consumer and retailer friendly pre-pack options to ensure you are positioned to grow with these emerging trends.

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