Dec 15, 2021

Living Away from Home

Another end of the year is coming closer and almost two years has passed since I first arrived in New Zealand from Peru. Plans can change for many reasons, mine which originally was to travel around for one year and then go back to study, changed completely after Covid and the first lockdown. I still miss a lot of things from home; my family, my friends, and I guess one of those things you can’t help missing is food. The variety of tasty flavours and combinations you can find in our cuisine is -actually- one of the most well-known in all South America.

Nevertheless, looking to the positive side of things of my stay here, I’m happy I’ve been able to discover a country that before coming here I didn’t know much about it. New Zealand surprised me since the first day. Beautiful and scenic landscapes, culture and easy-going people. I guess little by little, this place started to grow on me and for the first time I didn’t want to leave just yet. My time here has gone by so quickly as I was learning new skills at work, making new friends, discovering a new culture, travelling around, hiking, skydiving, among other experiences that helped me get out of my comfort zone.

New Zealand represents to me an opportunity to take new risks, face new challenges, overcome fears, but most importantly learn a lot about myself. Wouldn’t change these last couple years, which even though weren’t easy, have taught me a lot. This is certainly a place I will see myself living in for some time. Saying this hope this New Year brings new opportunities and challenges for everyone.

Regards Fio

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