Jun 20, 2024

Introducing D-Nest Fibre Tray Denester

The D-Nest is a collaboration between CR Automation and Jenkins Freshpac to deliver an economical fibre tray dennester capable of handling up to 12 trays per minute.

We presented the CR team with the considerable task of creating an affordable tray dennester that not only meets payback requirements of customers but also significantly enhances reliability compared to current market options. CR Automation achieved this by adopting cutting-edge "safe by design" principles, utilising low voltage, and centralised IO control. As a result, D-Nest boasts an open architecture without the need for guarding during tray loading, making it straightforward to operate and easy to install. D-Nest's reliability, which we believe distinguishes it, employs a two-stage dennesting process adept at managing the variability in fibre tray production.

Following an initial demonstration at T&G Global in March 2024, D-Nest received positive feedback for its out-of-the-box performance. T&G Global was so impressed that they purchased 11 units (22 drops) for installation in late June.

Our initial experiences from demonstrations at two New Zealand packhouses show that D-Nest offers considerable savings by:

  • Ensuring correct tray patterns - automation significantly reduces fruit damage caused by incorrect tray patterning in boxes
  • Saving labour – depending on the number of drops automated with D-Nest and the drop packing speed, labour savings alone can justify the investment in under three years

Please contact Brendan if you would like to discuss D-Nest for 2025 season.

This post was written by

Cameron McInness