May 31, 2021

Innovation is a Broad Term

Innovation can come in many different forms. Innovative thinking is a key skill that sets both people and companies apart from their competitors. Innovative thinking drives change, challenges the status quo and makes us think about not only current requirements, but also anticipate future needs.

In my role at Jenkins, I am constantly challenged to identify solutions for our clients to pack their fruit or vegetables in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Often those solutions need to integrate into both upstream and downstream existing systems and equipment, not forgetting the packhouse layout. This often requires us to be innovative and think “outside the box” to deliver a solution that fits into the existing footprint and delivers the outcome the customer requested.

To me innovation isn’t just about new technology, it’s also being able to offer an innovative approach and ability to configure solutions and new technology that addresses the client’s needs but also maximising the efficiency of available resources for that client. This approach is not a one size fits all formula as different sites and clients have different challenges and resources that all have a bearing on what will suit their situation.

Just because something has been done a certain way in the past doesn’t mean it’s still the best approach today. Conversely, I have seen solutions that were presented years before and rejected, only to be taken up today and adopted as the best fit for purpose solution. It’s about seeing the problem and finding the best solution.

So innovation doesn’t always have to be fresh, new or cutting edge, sometimes it just about recognising a good idea that has previously been overlooked or discarded and recognising that it’s the right solution to solve the customer’s needs.

This post was written by

Brendan Macpherson