Dec 05, 2022

Ignorant Bliss

The word ignorance brings with it a bunch of negative connotations. But I think we need to embrace a bit more ignorance in our lives. Being too knowledgeable on a topic, issue or cause can be quite a handbrake. Charging off with ignorance instead of expertise can bring with it significant wins.

I have had the amazing privilege of leading the judging process for our local Tauranga Business Awards for the last few years. In doing so, you get a lot of praise heaped on you for giving up your time to support the process, but the reality is that no thanks is necessary. The process of meeting the entrants teaches you so much. This year, my key takeaway was youthful ignorance.

These two young guys entered their business that has found a niche in the bedroom furniture space. They started the business in their second year of university, and turned over a million dollars in their last year of study – they had not even graduated yet! When I got to have a look under the covers, it was clear that the reckless abandon and youthful ignorance that they had put them in good shape. They had no preconceived risk aversion, they had no fear of failure, they had nothing to lose. It made me incredibly jealous!

While I am yet to decide the right context for me to apply this musing, I have made the commitment that in 2023 I am committed to picking some key projects or tasks where it is appropriate to throw caution to the wind.

In the words of Sir Richard Branson – ‘screw it, let’s do it!’

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