Apr 14, 2022

“If it’s not right, then we will put it right and it’s the putting it right that counts”

This saying will undoubtably not only date me, but also where I grew up? In the early 80’s in the greater Wellington region there was an appliance retailer LV Martin and Sons and Alan Martin the son of the founder fronted their TV adverts which were a bit hokey even back then. The tag line that he used in those TV ads was “if it’s not right, then we will put it right and it’s the putting it right that counts”. Over 40 years have passed since that first commercial went to air but looking back that tag line still resonates today.

We live in increasingly hectic and volatile times, where the pressure seems to come at us from all directions. If it’s not weather impacting the season, then it’s shipping delays, the war in the Ukraine driving up oil prices or simply managing your day-to-day family life under Covid restrictions. We must be adaptable, innovative, and calm to be able to manage each challenge as it occurs as best as we are able to.

Here at Jenkins, we aren’t immune to any of this either so, it shouldn’t surprise any of us when occasionally we hit a bump in the road and the wheels come off. Our team strive hard and each day we come to work to deliver the best in service and quality that we can. Do we get it right all the time? No, we don’t but it’s not from a lack of effort on the part of the entire team. So, when it does go pear shaped for whatever reason, it’s how we respond that often leaves the lasting impression with our customers. We like to think that we do a pretty good job at “putting it right” when we do get it wrong, but if for any reason our service has fallen short of your expectations, and we haven’t put it right then let me know as I think good old Alan Martin was onto something when he said “it’s the putting it right that counts”.

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