Dec 11, 2017

How to encourage repeat purchasing

How to encourage repeat purchasing

It is my favourite time of year when summerfruit starts hitting the retail shelves again. Cherries are out and so are the early nectarines. What a treat. The annual Nielsen survey of the summerfruit consumers confirm that fruit quality and flavour remain the key drivers of consumer purchase behaviour.

We recently assisted MG Marketing in re-launching their summerfruit Pure range with a new series. The end result of this relaunch is that consumers will be able to find this produce more easily, which helps to better encourage repeat purchasing. As another bonus, this label range can be used by multiple packing sites.

On the topic of repeat purchasing, did you notice anything missing in the above photo? With Nectarines being high value produce, you want to ensure you get the right price at checkout and the consumer can find your product again. Consumers want to find that same eating experience again and again, so make it easier for them, and ensure you get paid the premium price for your premium product.

Christmas is fast approaching, so please take a look at your packing needs over the holiday period. Our factory will close 19 December then be back on the 4th of January.

Be proud of your produce, be proud of your brand.

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