Oct 15, 2017

ElastiTag: Take it off, put it on or put it in!

Take it off, put it on or put it in!

For some time fresh produce has had an option to ‘bare all’ by losing packaging with the ElastiTag® patented option of bundling produce, especially allium varieties such as spring onions, leeks and Asian greens as well as the likes of asparagus & bananas. In New Zealand the spring onion ElastiTag® has always been a trail blazer in the fresh produce category, providing the ultimate solution for not only bundling product but providing marketing real estate, claim provenance and provide bar codes or PLU’s all in one solution.

Outside of produce we also see marketers who want to ‘put it on’ by adding product samples and leverage co-branding opportunities to customers. This can be done very simply with the addition of free samples or complimenting products onto a core product using the ElastiTote® or ElastiBand®.

This is a great example of using the tote system where a German Gin maker took a novel approach to their marketing by including an actual granite stone to every bottle.The granite used in the distilling process come from the historic granite cutter's town Hauzenberg, deep in the Bavarian Forest. This inspired them to name the gin Granit in honour of their use of local techniques and traditions. Every bottle of Granit comes with one of these granite stones attached. This can be placed in the freezer to cool down and be used as an ice cube. This prevents the drink from becoming watered down and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

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