Feb 12, 2021

Don't leave home till you've seen the Country - Part II

In our Dec newsletter I talked about the South Island road trip in the campervan that my wife and I had planned for the Christmas/New Year period. So in part II I thought I would share with you that our summer road trip reinforced that (a) we have some of the most stunning scenery to be found anywhere in the world, right in our own backyard (b) the West Coast weather isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed, (c) the people are amongst some of the friendliest and trusting around and (d) campervanning is a great way to holiday.

One encounter really summed up West Coasters. We travelled from Westport to Greymouth on Christmas Day and as you would expect not much was open. We were both hanging out for a decent coffee and came across a coffee trailer parked in rest area right on the coast between Westport and Barrytown. Pulled in and as we had no cash asked if they had Eftpos, with their reply being “yes we have West Coast Eftpos”. “What’s West Coast Eftpos?” my wife asked. The man swung open the door to the coffee caravan to reveal their bank account number written on the back of the door. He then told her that if she took a photo of the account number on her phone then she could transfer the money once we got further down the coast and into cell coverage. He then went on to say we never remember who has and who hasn’t paid, so can we put a funny remark in the reference box so that when is wife checks the banking it puts a smile of her face. That’s good old fashion Coast hospitality, service and trust all rolled into one amazing couple.

Highlights in no particular order were, Hokitika Gorge walk with stunning azure blue waters, with great boardwalks and swing bridges https://hokitika.org/places/59/Hokitika-Gorge , Punakaiki (pancake rocks), Reefton, Lake Matheson https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/west-coast/places/westland-tai-poutini-national-park/things-to-do/tracks/lake-matheson-walk/
, seeing Kea’s and Weka in the wild and making our own Knives https://barrytownknifemaking.com

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