Jul 19, 2019

Do the Mahi, Get the Treats

I’ve been hounding people a bit more than usual lately.

I’ve been filling up my calendar with post-season reviews, playing multiple games of “phone tag” and ticking up miles ensuring that all operators have whatever “pain points” they’ve experienced over the course of the export season fresh in their minds.

It’s a bit mean really. Just when they all thought the season was over (or nearly over) here comes Royce knocking on the packhouse door singing the virtues of automation, excitedly explaining updates on new and existing technology AND re-opening “old wounds” by re-addressing the challenges of a very shallow labour pool.

Without sounding like a complete dickhead, I don’t apologise for any of it.

The truth is, I get it. Every season, be it export apples or kiwifruit, domestic supply of onions, leafy greens, tomatoes… whatever… we’re all in it together and, despite the enjoyment of busy-ness and aiming for a common cause, looking forward to end of a successful season.

Do the mahi, get the treats.

The reason I get it is that I fall into a seasonal cycle too. Every year I have to forecast for a core supply of the more “standard” offering in the JFS range and every year I panic, collect my thoughts, confer with stakeholders, make a somewhat-educated call and order ahead.

Over the years I’ve sometimes over-called and ended up with excess kit being warehoused. On other occasions I’ve been brave and filled containers… only to wind up having to say, “Sorry Barry, we can get you one but it won’t arrive until mid-season”. It’s a real balance.

All of this to say that, should I pester you or someone within your organisation in coming weeks, it’s not because I like being an annoying “so-and-so” but because I feel your pain – and I don’t want to wait until it disappears. AND I want to help avoid déjà vu next year.

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