Sept 12, 2017

Consumables: The trend is undeniable

The trend is undeniable

Research is showing a clear and growing trend that consumers have an increasing demand for healthy snacks that can be consumed on the go. Healthy + convenience = sales and extra margin.

In recent years, produce companies have been paying increasing attention to first impressions and convenience, focusing on friendly packaging and sizing to draw children and parents towards snack-ready fruits and vegetables. The trend is evident that snack packs are not only being sold as single-serves, but also bundled in multi-portion packs with a variety of snack fruit or vegetables.

Companies who have tapped into this billion dollar market have produced eye catching (and mouth-watering!) packs with a few of these profiled below. These examples show convenience (the perfect solution at work, school, or anywhere on-the go), product visibility (evidence of quality and freshness), and clear messaging (providing real estate to convey key messaging).

This trend is further evidenced by the recent awarding of the United Fresh Best Packaging Award to Dole for their GO Berries product which is a perfect example of where this emerging niche is going. “When you do what I do for a job, it is this type of thing that really gets me out of bed in the morning. This isn’t just about packaging, this is about healthy consumers, shelf life extension for retailers and better margins for marketers. This is the exciting stuff that gets our team fired up” says Ann Cameron, Sales Manager for produce packaging consumables at Jenkins Freshpac.

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