Apr 16, 2018

Action Stations - It's all on

Production Manager Ross Craig (centre) with Customer Services team members Kevin Jamieson and Chrissy Mumford.

Apples, pears, kiwifruit, citrus, feijoa, persimmon, passionfruit and more, it is full steam ahead for many in the horticulture industry at present. Our Tauranga printing presses are flying and we are beautifully positioned to deliver your Sinclair fruit labels, when and where you need them.

On the pipfruit front Kevin Jamieson is focused on ensuring there are good stocks in our Hastings and Nelson depots for the common fruit labels plus meeting specific brand needs. There are many new label variants coming through this season from retailer iterations, to new varieties and promotional change ups like the new Pink Lady kids pack programme called PINKIDS. It is awesome being a part of these brand evolutions and iterations.

Kiwifruit packing is 25% complete and Chrissy Mumford is fired up, sending out kiwi labels just as fast as the orders come in. The class 2 non ZESPRI programmes are now pumping including Nutrikiwi, Seeka, Team Kiwi Southern series plus some exciting new golds. Just keep checking your label stocks and let us know of any changes. Our current ZESPRI programme orders feel a little light so to avoid the label rush check you have what you need now.

PS – maybe, possibly, we think so… this could be Kevin’s last year with us. We are trying to convince him to stay but apparently he wants to spend more with family and oh, travel. Can’t work this out.

While our Sinclair labels are heading out the door Noeline has got everyone’s back on the administration front. Noeline is seriously onto it. For any label account query please just get in touch and Noeline will help you out and solve any issue I will have likely caused.

Righto, back to the front line for me. Keep on fighting the good fight team.

This post was written by

Tom McLaughlin

Tom has always had an affinity for New Zealand’s primary industries and a passion for business, and is charged with delivering the Sinclair fruit labelling program at Jenkins.