Aug 15, 2022

A Season like no other

A common refrain from across our industry is “this season is like no other” and certainly with this season there can be little argument. We’ve had to deal with unseasonal amounts of rain, mostly at completely the wrong time, ongoing staffing challenges, availability of containers and ships, Omicron the second wave of covid and finally rampant inflation adding significant costs and eroding margins. Little wonder we all feel a little frazzled and exhausted.

So, we take our hats off to you all, for your resilience and determination to meet these challenges head on with a mix of good old kiwi ingenuity, teamwork, dogged determination, and an awful lot of sweat and bloody hard work to ensure you got through the season, harvested, and packed your crops and hopefully made a dollar in the wash up.

There is a saying that “it takes a village” to raise a child and that analogy holds true for the growth and development of our child we call the NZ Hort Industry. It’s our collective input, knowledge, and the support of all our stakeholders that has enabled our industry to grow by over 60% in the last 10 years to now be $7.0B, of which 65% is exported. So, we are a huge contributor to the NZ export earnings and with new plantings coming on stream, set to continue to grow.

With over 40 years history of supplying into the horticulture industry, we want you to know that we are here at your service. We’ve got your backs and our team are keen to share our knowledge, expertise, and support to provide solutions to make the upcoming season easier and less stressful.

Whether it’s packhouse automation, sustainable packaging solutions, modified atmosphere packaging for extended shelf life, or equipment service and overhaul, talk to anyone of our team, we are here ready to help in whatever way we can.

Finally, here’s wishing you a season ahead full of sunshiny days, rain at just the right times, hail free days and frost-free nights and all with more staff than you know what to do with, in other words, a Season Like No Other!

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