Mar 20, 2018


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Sinclair® Print on Demand™ Variable Print Technology

As the topics of country of origin labelling, self-checker theft/error at super markets, and food traceability increase in momentum Sinclair International has been listening closely to its customers and have developed ground breaking technology to deliver a high speed and reliable Print on Demand solution for the New Zealand fruit labelling market. Read more ...

Marketers and brand owners know the true value of the unassuming fruit label as it quietly writes a lot of added value into the New Zealand Horticulture industry turnover annually by allowing brand value to travel with our fine nations produce all the way to its international markets. While there has been small innovations in the fruit labelling industry over the years, Sinclair International and Jenkins Freshpac Systems are extremely excited to be able to drop the biggest step-change in fruit labelling on the market at the upcoming Horticulture New Zealand Conference.

Receiving the ‘Outstanding Innovations Award’ at the recent Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in Louisville Kentucky is really the icing on the cake for this exciting project” said Tom McLaughlin, Regional Market Manager for Sinclair International. “Sinclair International partnered with Jenkins Freshpac some thirty years ago and revolutionised the branding of produce in New Zealand, and it is awesome to still be blazing a trail together decades later”.

While the untrained eye may not note a significant change in the label applied, Sinclair’s® Print on Demand™ provides the ultimate in labelling flexibility where the label is printed on the grader a split second before the label is applied to the fruit. A customers brand is pre-printed around the edge of the rollstock labels with variable printed such as GS1 databar, batch numbers, PLU, fruit varieties and other information printed in the centre. “Not only can it do all this, but it does it at the same blistering pace the standard labels are being applied at” comments Tom.

To launch the Print on Demand solution to its eager audience Jenkins Freshpac and Sinclair will have a working unit on display at the Hort NZ Conference at ASB Arena Mt Maunganui from 12-14 July 2017.

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Tom McLaughlin

Tom has always had an affinity for New Zealand’s primary industries and a passion for business, and is charged with delivering the Sinclair fruit labelling program at Jenkins.