Printers for Conventional and Linerless Labels

Partnering with SATO, this is a great example of true innovation. The intuitive CL4-NX, CT4-LX and FX3 printers are the perfect blend of compact dimensions and powerful performance. Ideal for use with self-adhesive, non-backed linerless labels which help to decrease waste and save resources at the same time, reducing overall cost.

Enabled for standalone printing, the 4-inch next generation model with its functional, intuitive design built with industrial durability provides users with accurate and efficient performance. The CL4NX printer incorporates value-added features in a world-class design to deliver a printing solution that goes beyond expectations.

The CT4-LX thermal desktop printer offers features and functionality typically only found in industrial printer models but in a compact size. We are pleased to announce this model also recently received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 - a prestigious international design competition based in Germany.

Smart, Programmable, Independent, the versatile FX3-LX may be used as a desktop-resident or mounted printer, or anywhere throughout your operation for standalone label printing applications.

Benefits of using Linerless Labels:

  • Zero silicone liner to landfill
  • Less reel changes in printer
  • Reduced storage space required
  • Supports a lower carbon footprint
  • Labour and transportation savings
  • More labels per roll (increase of 30-40%)
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