It’s more than just a barcode.

The GS1 Databar carries much more information than ever before, so to help you transition to the new labels quickly and easily we’ve put together a simple step by step guide of what to do and when.

Step 1

Join GS1 New Zealand to get a GS1 Company Prefix. Go to How do I get started? – GS1 New Zealand Support Centre ( to join.

Step 2

Allocate a GTIN* for each produce variety. This number uniquely identifies each product as your own. It’s a good idea to retain the PLU code on the label, as some retailers may not have the capability to scan GS1 Databar just yet.

(* A GTIN is a globally unique 14-digit number used to identify each individual product item)

Step 3

Send a copy of your GTIN’s and corresponding PLU codes to the retailers so that they can enter these in their POS (point of sale) system.

Step 4

Talk to Chrissy or Kylie at Jenkins Freshpac Systems for help with designing your unique Databar fresh produce labels. They know about label sizes, legibility, colours, minimum barcode height requirements and will check and scan the barcode artwork for you to make sure it’s accurate and it works.

Step 5

Once your label artwork is ready to go, you’ll need to send the artwork sample to GS1 New Zealand for barcode testing. This makes sure your product meets all the industry specifications and scans properly the first time.

Step 6

Once the testing is complete and you have the interim report back from GS1 New Zealand, give the report to us and we’ll print your labels. We’ll also check and run tests on the labels during production for scan-ability and accuracy before delivering the completed labels to you.

Our Databar labels are BRCGS Certified.

BRCGS certification is the Global Standard for Food Safety and covers packaging and packaging materials, storage and distribution for consumer products. The BRCGS sets the benchmark for good manufacturing practices and helps provide assurance that products are safe, legal and of high quality.

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Contact Tom McLaughlin

Contact our friendly team today and let us give you the leading edge.