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Enhance you brand presence, tell a story, provide product information or display country of origin with the range of promotional tags available from Jenkins Freshpac Systems – there is sure to be a tag that is perfect for your product! 

What Elastitag® Can do for You
  • Enhance Brand Identity
  • Provide Bar Codes & PLU#s
  • Show Country Of Origin
  • Give Recipes/Instructions
  • Tell Your Unique Story
  • Provide Health Benefits
  • Support a Worthy Cause
  • Advertise a Special Offer
  • Cross-Merchandise Products
  • Give Nutritional Information
  • Provide a Coupon
  • Speak in Many Languages
  • Deliver Product Samples
  • Launch a Product Line
  • Feature an Award
  • Tell Your Story

Elastitag® - The Ultimate Hangtag

Capture the attention and engage the retail shopper with the ElastiTag® product line. 

With a colourful elastomer loop & durable all-in-one tag, the ElastiTag® grips products and stays in place. 

These unique point-of-sale marketing tools can be used to promote a special offer, launch a new product, enhance brand identity, give recipes & tips, or tell your story


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