Product Identification

Fruit labels are a cost-effective way of validating and identifying fresh produce.  Our labels offer -

  • Brand - marketing or producer group labels attached to produce re-enforce brand identity and maximize brand recognition to the consumer.
  • Country/Region of Origin - included as part of a brand, or to meet mandatory or protected region of origin requirements.
  • Variety/PLU - Price Look Up labels are used widely for varietal identification at the retail check-out.
  • Barcode labels for individual produce increase accuracy and efficiency at check-out, particularly with the introduction of DataBar™.
  • Food Safety – all Sinclair labels are FDA/EU food contact compliant – promote safe food with your customers
  • Promotional - labels can be used to cross-reference other complementary products.
  • Eating quality - labels can carry consumer information on sweetness, ripeness or taste.

A growing trend is the use of scannable labels on individual produce items. Sinclair has extensive experience in printing barcode labels.

  • Barcodes can improve category management - controlling shrink and improving traceability.
  • Scannable codes improve speed through the check-out, product accuracy and pricing.
  • The Databar code is roughly half the size of an EAN code.
  • DataBar™ is the name given to this stacked form of code by GS1. Its former name was Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). See Getting Started with Databar.

More and more QR (Quick Reference or 2 Dimensional) codes are popping up in advertisements, product displays, packaging and now produce labels!

  • QR codes can be scanned with a smartphone to link to a webpage.
  • QR codes are perfect for consumer-based promotions (coupons), contests and providing additional information on your product.
  • QR codes can fit on a variety of Sinclair label shapes and sizes.
  • QR codes are not scannable at retail--- they are not considered to be interchangeable with other retail oriented codes such as the DataBar or EAN.


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