Palletisers and pallet strappers

Whether it’s stacking, strapping, or wrapping, we have an extensive range of palletising solutions to suit the needs of New Zealand’s packhouses and fresh produce producers.
Whatever you need, effectively automate the packhouse and produce palletising process with any one of our palletiser machines, cutting down on the time consuming process of manually filling boxes and placing them on pallets.
We supply fast, reliable, flexible palletisers, pallet strappers, and depalletisers which consistently meet the high specifications that modern Kiwi packhouses demand. With our palletising solutions, your business can free up its workforce to do more with less, all at once limiting operator intervention while maximising safety and productivity.
That’s less stress on your workers, time, and budget! 

Jenkins’ range of Palletisers include:

  • Depalletisers are the ideal solution for depalletising field boxes, working with up to 7 different heights (Max 2400mm). 
  • Box fillers speed up the production process, automatically filling boxes with wrapped and packed produce.
  • Automatic palletisers comfortably stack wood, plastic, or card boxes of varying formats and sizes.
  • Automatic pallet strapping machines automatically position corner pieces, as well as strap pallets with polyester or polypropylene with an output of between 40 to 53 pallets an hour depending on the chosen model. 


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