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AUSTRALASIAN agent, Sinclair International 

Jenkins Freshpac Systems is the exclusive New Zealand agent for the labels giant Sinclair International.

Sinclair was instrumental in pioneering the development of automatic fruit labelling systems more than 25 years ago and now operates in 35 countries around the world.

The partnership between Jenkins Freshpac Systems and Sinclair International in New Zealand, since 1983, brings together an unparalleled range of inline and tray labelling equipment, labels and technical service, from a single reliable source.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of fruit and vegetable labels that can be custom designed to suit the individual needs of fresh food producers and packhouses.

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Jenkins Group acquired an equtiy stake in 2019 in Hawkes Bay based automation contracting company CR Automation.  The company has a track record of supporting local and international businesses in water & waste water, food & beverage, post harvest produce handling and manufacturing.

CR Automation Mechatronics team specialises in mechanical design, project management, robotics, automation, electrical engineering with a dedicated team of highly skilled assembly & commissioning engineers.



Sorma group, italy

Jenkins Freshpac Systems also represent Sorma, Italy, an international company and leading manufacturer for pre-packing machinery for fruits and vegetables, electronic sorters, weighers, palletizing and strapping technology.

Thanks to the continuous research and development for technological and automated solutions Sorma was able to collect many patents over the years and to become a reference point in the post-harvest equipment for fruit and vegetables worldwide.

In co-operation with Sorma, we are able to develop and supply turnkey projects from the moment the raw product enters the building, until it leaves, ready to be provided to the market.

Innovative solutions, prompt technical service, qualified and competent staff are the main characteristics of the Sorma and Jenkins Freshpac Systems partnership.




Robotics Plus (RPL) develops and commercialises comprehensive systems that are tailored to industry requirements through extensive client and relevant industry consultation. From technology validation, computer 3D design, prototyping, development, integration, commercialisation, right through to commercial production.

The Robotic Apple Packing Cell (RAPC) will mechanise packing apples into trays for packhouses worldwide. RPL currently has strong international demand and support for this technology directly from packhouses as well as large international installers.  The team go beyond 'full service', start with commercial validation and work back to technical feasibility. There is little point creating a technical solution that is not suitable or is too expensive to be commercially viable.




Global Pac Technologies is a joint venture between two of the leaders in fresh produce pack line supply and service Jenkins Group and Van Doren Sales. Market leaders in their own respective home countries of Australia, New Zealand and North America, the partners are dedicated to delivering the best technologies through their partner network across the globe.  Precision produce packing, all day, every day.






Van Doren Sales, Inc. is the top designer and builder of custom automatic container and fruit-handling equipment in the Pacific Northwest.  With more than 70 years of experience delivering specialized solutions for our family of customers, we have unique insights into our customers' business, and we hone our craft through persistent innovation.  Each product is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability.  We take immense pride in the fact that the Van Doren name is a guarantee of quality and commitment to service.  Our motto, "Quality Pays", is more than a marketing slogan.  It is our fundamental business philosophy.  We align ourselves with only the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our customers receive the highest in quality, reliability and functionality.




Leading heat sealing specialist.  Proseal's ability to meet food manufacturers' demand for efficiency, flexibility and quality in their tray sealing operations and it's pioneering electric heat seal technology that also delivers valuable environmental benefits.





Established in 1990, Dutch company Bandall  develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide their bundling and branding solutions.  After the first very advanced Bandall banding machine was introduced in 1997, Bandall machines are now banding products in more than 100 countries via 50 distributors.  Banding is the bundling and labelling of one or more items of packaging with a band made of film or paper. Thanks to Bandall's patented banding system this is done cost-effectively at high speed and without causing damage.  Increasing sustainability within the packaging industry is now in full focus. Reducing the amount of packaging and waste is a priority for all of us. There are a number of ways in which banding can play a part in this and here are just a few.




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