Aug 20, 2019

The BandAll And End-All Of Sustainable Packaging

I can’t be the only one who’s found myself caught short without my reusable bags at the supermarket checkout recently. Those things make a habit of leaving themselves in the boot of the car, and never where I actually need them. Since the ban on single use plastic bags came into effect on July 1st, at least. As my first-hand experience shows, adjustments have to - and are - being made. They’re just going to take a little time. Consumers and supermarkets seem pretty keen on the switch so far, and it’s up to this industry of ours to keep pace. It’s not as if we haven’t had fair warning! Producers are finding themselves under increasing pressure for their ‘overuse’ of packaging. Now more than ever, it’s time to make the switch. It’s an open invitation and an opportunity to look more closely at your sustainable lineup. Or lack thereof. Whether your produce currently goes in it or on it, plastic has played an important role in packaging for years now. But with consumers now more environmentally conscious than ever, sustainability sits high on their pre-purchase checklist. If it isn’t sustainable? Chances are it isn’t making its way into the shopping trolley. Whether you’re ready or not, we’re motoring - in electric cars, no doubt - towards a plastic-free future. It’s our job to make sure you’re ready for it! If you’ve been following our recent posts, you’ll have seen our focus on new an innovative sustainable packaging solutions which I’m going to explore today. The future of sustainable packaging is now...


Providing New Zealand with innovative packaging solutions is kind of our thing. And it has been for a while! That hasn’t changed with sustainable packaging. In fact, the demand for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions is providing some of the most exciting innovations we’ve seen in recent years. BandAll is one such example. BandAll produce sustainable, eco-friendly cardboard bundling and banding solutions to create a functional ‘seal’ for a range of products including your glorious fruit and veggies. These cardboard bands are designed to hold produce safely and securely, reduce the amount of packaging, and provide a good marketing space. BandAll’s...well, bands aren’t just free of plastic, they also require less energy to produce. Plus, they minimise the amount of unnecessary additional packaging such as rubber bands, plastic labels, or metal clips. That’s a win-win in my book!


Some of you may be a little apprehensive to make the shift, and trust me when I say, I get it! Plastic is - and has been - a staple of this industry. There’s something satisfyingly comforting about knowing your fruit and veggies are safely wrapped in plastic. I also get that those fears are misplaced. We’re dedicated to getting your produce from soil to store shelves safely and, these days, sustainably. With so many options on the market, the opportunity is there to evolve the way you pack your produce. You just have to grab it with both hands! And there are a lot of options to grab. The fresh arrival of EcoLabel food stickers from Sinclair is another example. They’re nifty things, these. Compostable, food-safe, and environmentally friendly from the ink right through to the adhesive and face stock. That’s right, they’re fully biodegradable. It’s a fantastic addition to our range. Speaking’ve probably heard me harping on about our new sustainable heat-sealed packaging that rolled into Foodstuff stores throughout the North Island in May. This packaging from Proseal reduces plastic packaging usage and is already proving a popular option as a substitute for traditional plastic clamshells. We’ve also incorporated the use of recycled polyethylene, INFIA 100% R-PET, and Enviro Pac into the mix. These round out our selection of sustainable fruit and vegetable packaging options. Honestly, if you couldn’t already tell, I could sit here and talk until I’m blue in the face about our new and existing sustainable options, but...I’ll call it there for today!


Eliminating plastic once and for all isn’t easy, nor will it happen overnight. But with the continued pressure on businesses from consumers to embrace sustainable solutions, and the innovative products we’re seeing hit the market as a result, we may yet see a day where plastic truly becomes a thing of the past. You can be sure that we’ll be there providing you with yet more leading solutions as and when it does!

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