Bin tippers and counters

We provide a selection of single / continuous bin tippers and fruit counters in a variety of sizes to suit the specifications your packhouse requires. Handle, count, and dump fresh produce with ease!
Our bin tippers enable New Zealand's fruit and vegetable industry to meet the increasing demands of modern production. They’re intelligently designed, effectively emptying various size bins of fresh produce such as Apples, Garlic, Citrus, Avocados, and Potatoes. To name just a few.
So whether it’s tipping or counting you require, our solutions provide a smarter workflow for Kiwi packhouses that meet the highest specifications and standards you require. 

Jenkins’ range of Bin Tippers & Counters include: 

  • Self-adjustable single bin tippers handle delicate produce in either plastic or wooden bins with care. Simply insert and remove bins via the same opening for quick and easy operation. The control panel also removes the need for guesswork. 
  • Single and dual lane fruit counters make the counting of Apples, Citrus, Onions, Stone Fruit, and Kiwifruit easy, with capacities ranging from 40Kgs & 400 fruit / minute up to 80Kgs & 800 fruit / minute. 
  • Continuous bin tippers speed up the de-stacking, dumping, re-stacking, and storage process, which makes them the ideal solution when dumping fruit and vegetables from any and all types of wooden or plastic bins. 

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